About Happie Planet Boutique LLC


Thank you for visiting Happie Planet Boutique! Our apparel comes from up-and-coming designers who produce quality products within the United States and worldwide. Happie Planet Boutique offers the latest women's fashion. Contemporary, yet still office-appropriate. Wardrobe staples and chic separates for the modern women in the boardroom and into the weekend social outings. Relaxed, sophisticated, and ultra-chic. 

Let us help you find the perfect outfit or give you style inspiration without sacrificing quality, time, and comfort. Happie Planet is a trusted and respected brand, a friend.

Thank you for taking a moment to learn more about our brand. We look forward to helping you look and feel amazing.


Miranda Desson 

Creator | Owner



I am a mother of two beautiful boys. I utilized the Covid epidemic by putting my dreams into reality and opening HAPPIE PLANET BOUTIQUE LLC.  I have always had a passion for fashion, but the European style caught my eye while I traveled internationally as a young flight attendant. Fast forward 23 years. My fashion sense, combined with my passion for helping women feel confident in their self-image, is more than just a creative outlet for me. It is my purpose in life that I take great pride in doing. As a single mom, I know we all have struggles in life. I listen and learn from women in all different stages of their life. I want to help empower women to build their careers and reach for their dreams. I found one common bond. We all like to feel and look our best. I can help women with their goals and objective by presenting themselves beautifully, with uniqueness, sophistication, and femininity.