Personal Styling—A Brilliant Way to Revamp Your Wardrobe and Personality

Personal Styling—A Brilliant Way to Revamp Your Wardrobe and Personality

Let's get straight to the point. A styling session is more than trying and shopping for clothes.

A personal styling session allows individuals to create a personalized outfit collection and amp up their wardrobe while lifting their complete personality. Thus, we can safely conclude that it is a lot more than spending time buying outfits with some friendly fashion advice.

It is easier for women interested in the fashion industry to pick clothes and mix and match or layer them appealingly. However, it is not the same for others who want to dress on point and trend! To this group, personal stylists are a blessing in disguise to assist them in looking polished and put together.

What is a personal styling session?

Simply put, it is an investment in yourself. A personal styling session is a well-planned regime for wardrobe cleansing and building a practical wardrobe. On the surface, it might look like styling is all about outfits, make-up, and accessories. But, if you look closer, you will find that it is more about making sustainable and intelligent decisions that enable you to build a personal style and optimally wear your wardrobe.

A styling session has been in trend for many years, wherein professionals educate individuals on what to buy and what to get rid of, with detailed reasons.

Private Styling & Shopping at Happie Planet Boutique

Our team thrives on making dressing effortless and easier for you! Our personal styling and shopping is a one-on-one experience for customers who need to wear the best for an occasion and for customers embarking on their journey to discover their dressing style. A fraction of our styling session includes finding the best color, shape, and fabric that compliment you.

For example, you picked the classic flare tee for women from our store but are not sure what to wear with it. In this case, we will offer you several styling options for selected pieces according to your body shape and size. Not just this, with the number of color options available for the product, we will help you pick the best color that compliments your skin tone.

Benefits of having a personal styling shopping session

On a major level, it helps you to look at your best and live in confidence.

Declutters your wardrobe

If left unchecked for long, our wardrobe tends to overflow with outfits and accessories, which gets in the way when we have to dress for occasions by overwhelming us. Personal styling allows women to build a unique taste that helps them separate useful items from unusable items, which can be discarded later.

Adds staple items in your wardrobe to maximize wearability

A simple staple outfit like Mila yoga leggings for women can maximize wearability. Personal stylists are trained professionals who keep an eagle eye on trends. For instance, athleisure wear has been creating ripples on the ramps, street fashion, and even corporate houses for some time. In this line, we can help you style yoga leggings with multiple clothing items for numerous places like the workplace, shopping, or a coffee date!

Offers outfit inspirations

Sometimes we need outfit inspiration to get out of the fashion block! Be it for times when you are not sure what to layer with a classic flare tee for women or footwear to pair with a short sleeve emerald green romper. We at Happie Planet Boutique go live on our Facebook page every Thursday to stream a live shopping. Join us in our live session to find an event-perfect outfit or explore new styling inspirations.

Work with us

If you are searching for a personal stylist, we would love to hear from you. Get in touch with us and tell us what you're after: it can be styling, shopping, or both, and we can start a conversation from there.

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