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Perks of Livestream Shopping for Buyers

Video shopping, live online shopping, live video shopping, and livestream shopping: all belong to one flock! No matter what you call it, we believe the trend is here to stay.

It hasn't been long since online shopping has gone social, with brands using social media platforms to sell products/services, make announcements, and connect with existing and potential customers.

What's the long and short of it? Livestream shopping involves running live videos where the presenter or influencer promotes their products or services available for instant purchase. It offers excellent opportunities for brands to scale their business. But, what's there for buyers in it? This blog answers the question.

Buyer perspective of livestream shopping

The premise behind this concept is very straightforward. It bridges livestreaming with a direct purchasing feature.

For buyers, it is like watching a live unboxing on social media, except they can make the purchase then and there. Big and growing brands harness it to directly connect with their buyers and expand their presence to potential customers.

For instance, Happie Planet Boutique—an up-and-coming clothing brand—runs weekly livestreaming to feature fresh items in their collection. The brand streams a Facebook Live every Thursday to showcase its latest collection, converse with their followers, and share fantastic fashion tips!

Benefits of livestream shopping for buyers

  • Convenience

It is the biggest comfort that livestream shopping has brought to our lives. Buyers have the power to shop while lounging, waiting in traffic, and even partying (if there's a need)! The 'no pollution' shopping with real-time query feedback is the cherry on top!

  • Variety

The choices one gets in online shopping are amazing! You get a variety of sizes and colors to choose from. Apart from this, the large variety one gets to see in a short time adds to the convenience. Virtual shopping always offers better chances of finding the desired size and color.

  • Price Comparison

It is easier for us to compare prices for desired items online. Additionally, it is easier to measure the quality of a product through other users' feedback and reviews. Everything sums up in a great buying experience.

  • No sales pressure

Online shopping is always better than retail shopping in terms of ease of shopping. Livestream shopping allows you to pay attention to required things and skip the rest. This way, nobody is offended. Win-win situation, right?

  • Zero crowd!

Everyone hates the crowd! Virtual shopping allows you to make purchases in peace. This means no queue, no noise, no tugging-and-pulling for the last piece, means no hassles! And can we forget the battleship to find a parking spot? Dodged that too!

  • Ease of sending gifts

Who doesn't love receiving gifts? Livestream shopping has made gifting a lot easier. You can share the link for the ongoing stream with your friend, watch it together, and decide on the purchase. Ordering is just as easy, which can be done in a few clicks!

Get started with livestream shopping!

We hope we have inspired you enough to indulge in livestream shopping. If yes, then go on shopping to avail the mentioned benefits and more!

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