Online Fashion Boutique for Women by Happie Planet

When we first floated the idea of opening a fashion boutique for women, we wanted to address both in-person and online shoppers so that everyone would have access to the incredible design talent that we see.

We love our online clients. The benefits of shopping online for women are numerous. First, you can shop at any time and from anywhere. If you need to pick up something in a hurry or want to browse the web while you're on vacation, it’s possible to do so without leaving your house or stepping into a store. 

Shopping online also means saving yourself some time. You don't have to waste hours trailing between different locations, and if there's something wrong with what you bought, returning it is also much easier than going back and forth between stores trying to find an employee who isn't too busy helping other customers.

Finally (and perhaps most importantly), shopping in this manner makes buying clothes more affordable than ever before. Who doesn't love saving money?

When you explore the incredible line of clothing, jewelry, and accessories we have at Happie Planet, you get:

  • The feeling of a small town boutique at the convenience of your mobile phone
  • Access to unique items that aren’t available at big box stores
  • Personalized service and attention


Individual Styling Appointments

We provide personalized appointments that cater directly to your needs. This can be done in person at our Texas location or via video/Zoom calls if you are one of our valued online clients. 

Our online personal stylist service makes it easy for you to get the advice and assistance of a professional. In fact, many of our clients have told us that they were able to achieve an entirely new look with just one visit to our store. 

When you come in for an appointment, we will take the time to meet with you and discuss how best to dress for your body shape, lifestyle, budget, and even specific occasions like job interviews or weddings.

With our extensive knowledge of fashion trends and styles, as well as years of experience helping customers find what they need at every price point, we can assist in everything from finding quality fabrics at affordable prices all the way up to acquiring designer labels. We place a strong emphasis on up-and-coming designers that provide bespoke pieces sure to turn heads whenever you walk into a room!

You'll discover an exclusive selection of clothing and accessories for women at Happie Planet. Our pieces are carefully curated to ensure you look your best in any setting, from the office to after-work cocktails.

Feel free to browse our online fashion boutique for women. We update our looks and styles on a weekly basis and feature incredible pieces from new designers all of the time. If you have any questions about an outfit you see on our site, be sure to send us a note or give us a call directly. We are always happy to help you find a stunning new look!

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